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How to Make an Order


Customers can order:

  • via website: www.pietranticaweb.it 24 hourse a day, 7 days a week
  • via e-mail to info@pietranticaweb.it
  • via telephone or fax to +393395007949

Placing an order via the Internet:

Each product is accompanied by a request form more information, fill out the form in all its parts and our trade manager, according to his demands will contact or sending of email to meet its demands.

Given the particular nature of the articles dealt, postage and packing must be calculated according to the products and the quantities purchased, for this reason, the demands made ​​on the site are identified as REQUIRED TO PURCHASE OR FOR MORE INFORMATION. With a purchase request will not be made any economic transaction.
Upon completion of an application form, an email is sent to the sales manager, who will calculate any shipping costs, packaging and availability of items in stock. Once notified an order, the customer receives an e-mail and, if necessary viane contacted directly by telephone, with the total cost including shipping costs and packing and the link to confirm your order and make payment.


Methods of payment


The methods of payment accepted are::

Credit Card

Payment by Credit Card through PayPal, the fast, free and secure.

Bank Transfer

Using the coordinates you will be notified if payment is to be made.

Postal Order

Using the coordinates you will be notified if payment is to be made.



Orders are processed upon receipt of notification of payment or copy of the payment receipt. To speed up the delivery time send a copy to the fax number +393395007949.


Packaging: methods and indicative costs


We use crates of various types, depending on the type of product to be shipped, its measures and its weight.

Following are the types of packaging that we maintain, their characteristics and indicative costs.



Bin packing of small orders.
We use this litter box in plastic sealed with a stopper and removable double locking.

Plastic material of high quality "indestructible"

Approximate cost EUR 18.00 (VAT Included)




cassaPlywood boxes
The price of these boxes can vary from 5 to 45 EURO
Depending on the size necessary for the packaging





cassaCrates, wooden planks
The price of these boxes can vary from 25 to 120 EURO
Depending on the size necessary for the packaging





General conditions of sale


1. Introduction
The following outlines the General Conditions of Sale (referred to subsequently as ‘General Conditions’), governing the contractual relationship between the Customers of Pietranticaweb.it (known henceforth as the ‘Customers’) and Pietra Antica (known henceforth as ‘Pietranticaweb.it’). These General Conditions are the only ones applicable. Any exceptions applicable to a transaction are to be agreed in written form. Pietranticaweb.it reserves the right to amend these General Conditions at its own convenience and Customers are urged to read the General Conditions each time they visit the Pietranticaweb.it website ( known henceforth as ‘the site’). On confirming an order the Customer fully and irrevocably accepts the General Conditions. On accessing the site Customers are obliged to comply with the General Conditions and associated conditions of use.


2. Making an order
Customer can order:

  • via website: www.pietranticaweb.it 24 hourse a day, 7 days a week
  • via e-mail to info@pietranticaweb.it
  • via telephone or fax to +393395007949

3. Product information
Images of products represent the actual product being sold. Product technical specifications and descriptions are maintained by Pietranticaweb.it and reflect the actual details of products being sold.


4. Pricing
Prices on the site are shown in EURO (€) and inclusive of VAT but do not include postage and packing costs. Postage and packing costs are supplemental. Pietranticaweb.it reserves the right to alter prices at any time however the price shown on the site at the time of order will be the effective price charged


5. Availability
Customer orders will be satisfied up to the limit of product availability.
If the product ordered is not immediately available Pietranticaweb.it will contact the Customer by e-mail or telephone within 30 days of the order date to notify new delivery times.
In cases where part of an order is not immediately available, Pietranticaweb.it will contact the Customer and agree to immediately send the available products charging only the costs associated with those products.
Product availability indicated on the site does not form part of any binding contract.


6. Delivery
Products purchased on the site can be delivered worldwide. Delivery will be made to the address indicated at the time of the order.

Delivery time is indicative only and subject to change. Customers are reminded that couriers operate only during normal working days.
Pietranticaweb.it cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any delay, loss or damage suffered at the hands of the courier. Where an order fails to arrive in the expected time, Pietranticaweb.it will at the Customer’s request investigate the delay. During this period (approximately 15 days) it will not be possible to reimburse or re-order.

IMPORTANT: Customers have the right, at the time of delivery, to verify that the product is exactly what has been ordered. Where this is not the case, we advise that delivery is not accepted, returning everything to the courier who will in turn arrange for the product to be returned. An email should be sent by the Customer to Pietranticaweb.it within 48 hours informing that this is the case. Customers should note that Pietranticaweb.it does not accept responsibility for changes to the order following acceptance. NB: The right to refuse delivery however remains in the event of damage or non-working of the product.

What to do at time of delivery :
1. Check to ensure the packaging is not damaged.
2. In the event of any damage, write clearly on the dispatch note the reasons for returning the product.
3. Also in the event of damage, return the package to the courier.
4. Send an e mail to Customer Services describing the damage and stating the Order number.

If the product is to be returned for any other reason the Customer should send it to the following address :

Via Cesare Battisti - 82024 Colle Sannita (BENEVENTO) - ITALIA

The product is to be returned in the original packaging, including all other items associated with delivery. In the event of a defect in the product, and only in this case, the cost of returning the product will be reimbursed by pietranticaweb.it.

Pietranticaweb.it reserves the right to verify Customer details for security reasons which may involve a delay in delivery of up to 24 hours.

Customers are requested to supply the following details in order to ensure Pietranticaweb.it can contact them should there be the need :
- A working e-mail address,
- A permanent telephone number.

We are aware of the inconvenience this may cause Customers but these measures have been adopted to protect the Customer from eventual fraud and other potential problems associated with the transaction.


7. Secure Payments
All payments made on the Pietranticaweb.it site are validated and controlled.
All payments made on the Pietranticaweb.it site are validated and controlled. Credit card payments will only be effected after appropriate authorization has been obtained from the card company. On-line card payments are made through the ‘Secure Socket Layer’ system which allows payment at the moment of verification.
Payment on delivery is made to the courier and this can only be made by cash.

8. Cancellation Rights
The sale of products on the internet is governed by D.Lgs n. 185 del 22/05/1999 which regulates all related commercial activity.

This provides the right to the Customer to return the goods and be reimbursed for all expenses incurred.

This right is exclusively reserved for individual persons (the consumer) only and therefore cannot be exercised by representative bodies.

For returns and reimbursement contact Pietranticaweb.it via email at info@pietranticaweb.it or telephone +393395007949, within 10 working days of having received the goods.

In all cases the cost of shipment are the Customer’s.

The right of return is lost when the returned product has:
• Missing packaging components
• Missing package components
• Damage arising from transport.

Pietranticaweb.it will return any products not packaged properly.

Pietranticaweb.it will return any products for which shipping costs have not been paid by the Customer.

9. Returning Products
Returned products must be sent to Pietra Antica by courier at the following address :

Via Cesare Battisti - 82024 Colle Sannita (BENEVENTO) - ITALIA


10. Warranty and After Sales Service
When returning a faulty product, ensure that a copy of the original invoice or receipt is enclosed.

The warranty does not apply to faults arising from external causes such as impact, lightning etc., from misuse, or use which does not conform with technical requirements.

11. Disputes and Responsibilities
These General Conditions are regulated by Italian law.
Pietranticaweb.it cannot be held liable for problems arising from force majeure, full or partial failure of public or postal services /couriers, flood, fire or war.

Pietranticaweb.it cannot be held responsible for indirect damage, financial loss or other expenses which may arise from making a purchase on the site.

Pietranticaweb.it cannot be held responsible for consequences arising from improper use of products sold on the site.

Pietranticaweb.it is not responsible for reimbursement arising from total incompatibility of the product with other components unless the product specification clearly states the expected compatibility.

Other external websites can be accessed from the Pietranticaweb.it site. Pietranticaweb.it is not responsible for the content or General Conditions applicable to these sites.

Pietranticaweb.it liability will be always be limited to the value of the order.

12. Protection of Personal Data
The information requested from the Customer by Pietranticaweb.it is essential for the processing of an order, preparation of an invoice and associated warranties. The absence of this information will make it impossible to complete the order. Instructions on the site clearly state the obligation to be truthful and precise.

The Customer authorizes Pietranticaweb.it to collect, handle and use the information supplied. These details are subject to data protection laws.

The above is rigorously regulated by legislation contained within D. Lgs. 196/2003 which outlines data protection legislation within Italy.

Customers have the permanent right to access and modify their personal details in accordance with legislation as outlined above.

Pietranticaweb.it is the sole repository of Customer information. Only Pietranticaweb.it has the right to use these contact details for the purposes of various newsletters, offer details and other advertising.